V9182 meets Atelier Brunette’s Garance

I’ve been hoarding this fabric for so long, I could hardly imagine it elsewhere than my closet, neatly folded (sort of neatly folded), waiting for me to check in on it regularly.  It’s one of Atelier Brunette’s famed cotton lawn fabrics, Garance.


Now, I didn’t know this when I bought it two years ago, only six months after I began to sew. I was in Paris, on my first travel fabric shopping high, and Atelier Brunette’s boutique was the first on my list. I choose 3 meters of Garance, without realizing that by the time I made something with it, so would almost everyone else in the French sewing sphere! It was a lucky guess at the time, because I lacked the hard-earned finesse of fabric sourcing that now comes far too easily to me.


I was head over heels for this fabric and couldn’t wait to sew with it. But, when I returned to my machine in Montreal, I just never felt ready. So, I waited, and waited, and waited, and even thought about making pyjamas with it last winter. It was so special to me that sewing with it felt impossible, but not sewing with it was a burden.

That all passed eventually, and I’ve finally transformed this fabric into a dress I’d like to believe is worth the wait. To create this dress, I used the combination featured in the last blog post–a Vogue Patterns #v9182 bodice, self-drafted skirt, waist tie, and, this time, added a ruffle to lengthen and embellish. The ruffle is simply a gathered rectangle that is 1.5 times the length of the hem. I’ve been adding ruffles, cascades, and flounces to everything lately. I’m just not looking back.

For the fit, it is the best one of my three #v9182s, but it was in making this last version that I realized the last crucial adjustment to getting the perfect fit (perfect for now anyway…). There is too much ease in the straps and I could have taken out a 1/2in pinch from the inner front bottom of the strap where it meets the bodice. This extra space is barely visible in pictures or when I am standing. I can, however, feel it when I move about. Playing around with this dress has been an exciting project to test different skills, so I am wondering if I will go for a fourth version or not.


At the moment, I am undecided because I wonder how many #v9182s I’d want in my wardrobe. Then again, I also wonder what could be gained from trying one more time. Oh, #sewingproblems! Curiosity and experience fuel my sewing more than anything else, although I do not fail to appreciate feelin’ real good in my handmade clothes! I guess I’ll we’ll see. I have a few other summer projects in the works. Fall sewing is already on my mind, too. Never idle hands or minds around here!

4 thoughts on “V9182 meets Atelier Brunette’s Garance

  1. that is so pretty, having fabric in stash I find a bit bittersweet. Normally for me I buy fabric with a vague idea what I will make and then after buying and after some thought it can get relagated to stash, but when I finally get to use it its always the best…..your dress was well worth waiting for, and so glad it did not become pjs….. the hem ruffle is sooo cute

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    1. Thank you! I am all for fancy pjs but I, too, am quite pleased this served its destined purpose! I find that having a big stash really stresses me out, so I try to keep it limited.


  2. I love these dresses! They really suit you. I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for ages. I’m terrified of doing self drafting– could you show how you drafted the skirt?

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    1. Hi Karlee! Sorry I missed your comment! I learned how to draft my skirt in a class, so I am not able to explain myself. However, I believe you can make your own base skirt sloper with some of the Burda Style books.


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