Basics sewing and flutter sleeve tees

I’ve been looking for ways to have comfy easy items I can mix and match with other handmade clothes, so last weekend, I kept did some serious basics sewing. I’ve mentioned that t-shirt sewing isn’t my favorite, but since it’s a serious part of my doctoral student wardrobe, I wear them a lot lately. Plus, because I also tend to gravitate towards patterns, prints, and colors, I needed to sew a few items I could wear with anything.

I love kimono sleeves, so I started with the free Maria Denmark kimono tee pattern to make my different modified versions. I had yet to use this pattern, or any Maria Denmark patterns, before. The fit was great for me, so I had a good base to work with. For the first versions, a navy striped bamboo knit and a mystery white striped knit, I kept it simple, mainly adding some finishing techniques I had learned with my Sointu tee. The Maria Denmark pattern suggest finishing with elastics. I knew that wasn’t the look I was going for so I did knit binding instead.

Worn with my Ninni culottes

Next, I set out to create some tees in the style of the Papercut patterns Kyoto tee. I was a big fan of the look when it came out, but as I already had a few tshirt patterns, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to work on replicating the look.

I made two versions for the flounce look, both are in a super soft organic cotton jersey that I chose in apricot and white. The flounce style was really simple to create! All I did was add half circles, cut to the length of the sleeve opening, and nothing more! The half circle was a little fussy to hem, and was a bit wavy after sewing. Thankfully this only embellishes the drape of the half-circles, and is nothing of an eye sore. I’m glad I figured this out myself because I actually prefer how it ended up. Just like ruffles, flounces appear all over my sewing.

These tees were quick and simple, but still allowed me to play around with my pattern making skills and get the styles I was after. They provide a good base to wear with other items, and I know I’ll enjoy them all year round. All and all, a satisfying, practical project. Now back to making more dresses than I have time to wear (or events to wear to)!


3 thoughts on “Basics sewing and flutter sleeve tees

    1. Thanks Emma! I probably wouldn’t wear a jacket with these-. I imagine the sleeves would get kinda smooshed. That’s what happens to my Falbala blouses I’ve made, anyway. I’ll see how it goes this fall!

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