Trend Patterns Oversized Sleeve top, or my space travel sweater.


After a recent work trip to England, I returned to Montreal inspired to tackle some daring sewing projects. While in the UK, and after all the professional aspects of the trip were finished, the much awaited #sewcial portion began. I got together for some hot wine and Christmas shopping with Shaui in York, saw the amazing Ray and Stitch and great neighborhood pubs with Kaite, and met with an excellent crowd of London’s finest and especially well-dressed sewists at the New Craft House Holiday Party (some party footage here at Gabberdashery’s vlog!).


One funny thing about meeting sewists around the globe is that, surprisingly, the conversations aren’t as sewing-centric as you’d expect. In fact, when you put creatives together the topics touched on, it seems, are eclectic. When the focus was sewing chatter, however, two pattern makers were regularly discussed–Trend Patterns and and DP Studios. Both new houses are making waves with their extraordinary, edgy styles, the kind that begs questions such as: “Is this ugly or is this Fashion”? Thankfully, as I learned, I’m not the only one excited about taking my home sewing in this uncertain, yet enticing, direction.

So, to say it simply, this trip left me pumped and eager to make good on a few sewing dares. I came home bold. Within a few days of landing, I printed out Trend Pattern’s TPC1, the Oversized sleeve top. And for the fabric, I jumped into the project armed with some grey sweatshirt knit. Objectively, I see this as an odd choice. Personally, though, it is absolutely what I wanted! The sweatshirt knit brings just enough oddness to the pattern. It shapes the sleeves, providing a structure that, to me, makes me think both of the armored biceps of the Ninja Turtles and of something that could pass as a stylized spacesuit. And, yes, as I said, I think that is exactly what I was going for! That, and, of course, the regular comfort of a big, grey, puffy sweatshirt.

Construction wise, there were a few challenges. The first was figuring out how to add some wiggle room–literaly. The pattern only goes up to a UK 12, about a size or two smaller than my size depending on the style. I wasn’t pleased to find a pattern that only goes to a 12, but it looks as if the TPC1 was also Trend’s first pattern. Their more recent patterns have a larger ranger. Grading the size was also tricky because I aimed to use a knit and, as such, remove the zipper. I ended up getting the room I needed, only to have the top be a little big. This wasn’t much of a problem, after all, because I was able to pinch out excess fabric here and there while sewing. The only really tricky part was adding a neckline. This took a few tries, and some kind advice from the lovely Henna.


Overall, I love the finished top, loved taking the plunge into a more extravagant pattern, and I’m hoping to head more in this direction, perhaps with the TPC14 70s dress or the TPC12 Utility Trouser. But, a more immediate goal is getting my hands on the new Modes et Travaux collab with Dp Studios–I’ll be on a scavenger hunt to find it somewhere in Montreal this week! And even before that, I’m diving into a holiday dress with V1558 in a sparkly, sparkly, plum knit.





5 thoughts on “Trend Patterns Oversized Sleeve top, or my space travel sweater.

  1. As I’ve said before, I think this is the coolest sweatshirt I’ve ever seen! Also those trousers and dress are really interesting. I feel like the more I sew, the more I’m attracted to unique patterns like this. Sometimes it is just because, well, “fashion,” but other times it’s just for the construction. I want to know what the pattern pieces look like and how it is put together. Like for those sleeves!

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