Two Versions of McCalls’s paperbag waist pant: M7726

McCall’s hit the mark this season with the new M7726 paperbag waist pattern. Some IG gleaning tells me I’m far from the only one interested in this style. Plus, since the pattern comes with a slim leg, wide leg, and short options (sash too!), it offers something for anyone–anyone who likes super high waisted pants, of course. Luckily that’s me, and probably you!


I’ve already made two of the slim leg versions of this pant, and can tell the short and wide leg version may develop this summer. My first version is in a stretch-cotton khaki.


The second (my favorite!) in a stretch poly-cotton black and white checker print.


The pattern, labelled as easy, sews up smoothly and quickly. However, there are a few things to consider before you dive in. Muslining this is a good idea, especially since once you get a fit you like, you’ll want multiple pairs.

When I made a muslin, I noticed the legs were not as slim as I’d like, and the crotch length was too long. I removed 2in/5cm from the crotch length. From the leg, I removed 1in/3 cm on front and back side seams at the hip, and 1/2in/1.5 cm at the bottom, grading in between. This gave me a better fit in the leg, but was a little too tight in the back. I ended up adding back a 1/2in 1.5 cm to bring a little room back to the back. Its important to keep enough ease for the pleats to maintain their shape. These pants are not meant to be tight, but relaxed.

As for construction, the pattern is adaptable to multiple levels of sewing. I think a beginner could find her way around this pattern, while someone more advanced could make some modifications to step up the finishing touches. For example the pattern doesn’t suggest any interfacing. I added some to the fly. There is no facing behind the zip, either. Although this bothered me at first, it seemed fine by the end of the project. I left one of the sides of the facing “open” to lay a bit over the inner zipper.

The zipper instructions are a little funny to me. I ended up doing things instinctively. I prefer sewing a zipper after the legs are sewn together because I think this creates a more accurate or smoother crotch seam below the zipper. The zipper opening is also on the right side, and since I am right handed, I changed it to the left which is seems more standard. I’d suggest reading, and rereading the zipper instructions before diving in, if only to decided whether or not you’ll use their version or your own.

These pants are so so comfortable, especially with in the stretch cottons I used. Both my versions are cropped, making them comfortable for summer. A longer version would be great in the fall too. The pattern is certainly adaptable to all seasons and can be made in a range of fabrics. You can be sure to see more of them later in the season!


12 thoughts on “Two Versions of McCalls’s paperbag waist pant: M7726

  1. I found your blog via Foldline. What a fab pair of trousers – my favourite ones are the black windowpane check version. They look so stylish!

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous! The styling is great as well.

    I stumbled across this sewing pattern a week ago, and I ordered it straight away. I wonder if it will work well with a petrol coloured twill I recently purchased. Or perhaps that kind of fabric will be too thick or stiff? I have little experience in garment sewing, but I’ll see if I’m able to figure it out.

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  3. Such a helpful review! Thank you for writing this, it’s exactly what I was looking for in my research. How much ease would you say is needed in the waist? I’m trying to figure out which size to cut and finding myself a bit uncertain since the pleats are quite long…

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