White Eyelet Marie Gathered Midi Dress

The Marie Gathered Midi Dress pattern, by Named Clothing, was one of my earliest attempts at successful, long lasting sewing. I made a blouse version a few years ago which has since been in constant rotation (it is always popping up on my IG!). Recently, I finally got around to making the dress version in a white cotton eyelet fabric (partially underlined) from Club Tissus.


Cotton eyelet fabric has been on my list of experiments for a long time. So, I decided to pair it with the Marie Gathered Midi dress pattern to max out on its whimsical, nostalgic feel.


Plus, the Marie dress is a very simple pattern that let’s the fabric do most of the talking.


I didn’t make any fit alterations to the pattern. I used a size 42, but could have made a 40 since the dress is so ample. The cotton eyelet has a decent amount of body, so in a lighter fabric the dress would have a very different feel to it.


Since I was after a summer version, I altered the original long sleeves to short sleeves. I still wanted to keep the elastic element on the sleeve, as well as the contrast between lined and unlined parts of the dress. I added some elastic to the bottom of the shortened sleeve piece and lengthened it with an unlined piece from the decorative border of fabric.

Like the lower sleeve piece, I also left the bottom ruffle unlined with the border as hem. Hemming is optional when working with decorative border eyelet fabric…and I like that!

Although the dress is very simple, the fabric and style make it versatile to dressing up or down. I can wear sleeves on or off the shoulders thanks to the elastic neckline.


And, its so comfortable to wear! A simple project in a great fabric can be a dream to sew (even if I haven’t figured out how to photograph bright white fabric)! I bet this will be out all summer.



4 thoughts on “White Eyelet Marie Gathered Midi Dress

    1. Thank you! I used a white cotton voile for the lining. It keeps the dress light and airy! Also, I underlined rather than lining. This was better suited to the fabric and style of the dress. The elastic casing at the waist, neckline, and sleeves is finished like a flat felt seam. The only visible seams are at the sides and where sleeve meets front and back. I serged those seams. I’m pleased with how it looks on the inside too!


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