Simplicity Patterns 8636 in Blue Viscose

Full disclaimer: I love this Power Puff Girl dress…I mean, my freshly sewn Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 8636.


Since Simplicity Patterns are hard to come by in Canada, I hadn’t yet had the chance to make one up, nor did I closely follow their new collections. However, this recent raglan ruffle top-dress pattern immediately jumped out to me. As soon as I saw it released, I was compelled to make it, and make it I did…


Rarely do I find a pattern so simple that is worth the shipping fees, but something about this model was very “of the moment” for my current sewing flow. Obviously, I’m pretty into the laid-back extravagance of this model, but the ample, somewhat trapeze silhouette is one I usually avoid. On one hand, I tend to think that this is not a good silhouette for my shape. On the other, I do just like it.

Maybe it was the colors on the envelope model or maybe it was an impatience for loose summer clothes that got me. In either case, I snatched up the pattern and waited for it to arrive, all the while dreaming about what type of fabric to make it in.

After ordering it, the pattern was an earworm. I didn’t waste much time before sewing it up. Thankfully, since my sewing time is seriously limited lately, it was simple, smooth, and quick enough to put together. It requires a fair amount of fabric. I used about 2.5m. The inner yokes are lined, so it’s as smooth on the inside as on the outside.

I decided on a great light blue viscose for the fabric from Club Tissus which I ended up questioning at about 70% into the project. Everything was looking quite nice as I was sewing, but when I put it on for the first time (still without the bottom ruffle), I had a bit of a shock–what was I making! Unlike the stiffer cotton used in the image, my fabric was fluid and drapery. This, combined with the light blue fabric, made me fear I had just made a very, very well sewn dowdy nightgown.


Thankfully, I kept going with the dress. Once the bottom ruffle was on, and I gave it another try, I got stuck in a situation familiar to many of us–my sewing pace halted because I just didn’t want to take off the dress.


Although I still think this dress is silly, it invigorates me. With all the ruffles, the fabric is bouncy and makes me want to hop around when I wear it. It’s laid back, yet a little daring too–so it has a quite a few personality traits I can get down with. Plus, its takes on a different shape with a belt, as you’ll see, but I imagine I’ll be more frequently drawn to its loose swish in the long run.

Something about this little dress reminded me of how thankful I am that I know how to sew. It might just be for its ability to remind me to relax a little and remember to take my sewing playfully.


7 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns 8636 in Blue Viscose

  1. This looks lovely! I never used to sew anything but indie patterns but I find myself loving every ‘big brand’ sewing pattern you sew!!!

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  2. I think the dress looks cute on you, also love it with the belt on. I have been wanting to sew something like this, the Simplicity 8414 is still in my Amazon basket, but being short I fear that I’d look silly in it, lol.


  3. Nice job! Looks very pretty on you. Thank you for sharing. I am making this now in a gorgeous, bright floral. I’m down to attaching the bottom ruffle, which I’ll be doing tonight after work. I started it only yesterday afternoon so it’s coming together fairly quickly. I like the dress for all the reasons you mentioned and the neckline is so pretty. Lots of ruffling going on with this dress! Miles and miles of ruffles. Luckily, I like ruffles.

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    1. You and me, both! Honestly, as I was making the dress, I had my doubts. But as soon as it was finished, it became one of my most worn summer garments! I’d love a floral version!


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