Electric Summer Roses: Vogue Patterns V8808


Vogue Patterns gets me every summer. This time around it was the V8808–a sleeveless princess seam maxi dress with a high neck collar.


Since I like to take a dramatic shape and, well, make it even more so, I paired the pattern with a fabric I was eager to work with. I recently found this pink floral cotton, embellished with electric chartreuse and dusty blue roses, locally. It is one of those brilliant pieces that an Iphone camera does little justice to. The cotton fabric is slightly translucent. On the “wrong” side are embroidered triangles. The embroidery is subtle detail that brings great depth to the dress.

The pattern calls for a lining, and normally I love lined dresses, but for this version, I wanted to keep the fabric translucent. Instead of finishing the dress with a lining, I use french seams for the front and back princess seams. For the side seams, I serged the edges. Although I’d prefer french seams all around, I serged the side seams in order to be able to better adjust the fit. I also like to think that serging the side seams will make the dress more wearable in the long run. The serged side seams could make any future adjustments I may need a little easier to accomplish.


Since I left out the lining, I finished the armholes with bais made from the main fabric. Bias making is not my strong suit (cutting thin rectangles drives me nuts). I always struggle working on my precision with homemade bias and, although its improving, I won’t be winning any prizes for the bias binding finish, which is always a little chunky. I’d love a thin delicate bias finish, but neither I nor my machine are there yet. As it stands, the bias bind made the armholes a bit tighter, or more stiff, than I would have liked, but it’s not so noticiable.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with the fit. Instead of making a muslin, I fit as I sewed (a great benefit of princess seams!). I used a size 16, graded to an 18 at the bust for a quick and dirty FBA. I ended up taking the sides in, though, so the extra grading ended up being unnecessary.


Another simple modification to the original design was leaving the side seams open. Since I’m always doing a lot of walking in my dresses, I like the mobility it brings to a dress, and, um, I like the coquetterie it brings, too. 😉


Having worn this dress to the Love to Sew picnic, I already know it is light, festive, and comfy–everything I want in a summer dress. I’m very happy with this project!


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