Anita top from République du Chiffon

After accomplishing a big professional milestone, I needed a quick sewing project to refresh my mind. I chose the new Anita pattern from République du Chiffon.


The pattern is ultra quick and easy. I went from PDF assembly to blog photos in 3 hours. RDC always has a few PDF patterns that come out in between their larger paper pattern collections. This top is the most recent release.


As you can see, its a simple woven t-shirt with a bow in the back. The pattern only has two pieces. Since the top is completely lined, the front and back pieces are cut twice.

I love that this top is completely lined. It makes the final version neat and clean. It’s a great project for beginners to get some lining experience.

I used an embroidered cotton I’d picked up in Paris. I’d always wanted to sew with it, but didn’t have a clear idea on how to use it. This pattern doesn’t require much fabric (around a meter depending on the width of the fabric). So, I’m glad I’ll have more of the main fabric to use in another project later.

For the lining, I used some leftover fabric. The front piece is a basic cotton voile and the back pieces are lined in a different embroidered cotton form a previous project. I like the subtle contrast between the two embroidered fabrics at the back of the top.

I made a 44, although the top is ample so there is not much fitting to do. The only alteration I made was to drop the neckline by 1 inch.

This breezy top was a perfect project to start my summer “sewcation.” Sometimes I forget how satisfying an easy project is to make and to wear. I’m already working on a second Anita top–this time with a matching skirt.


11 thoughts on “Anita top from République du Chiffon

  1. This is a gorgeous top. And it looks amazing on it. The fabric was a beautiful choice too. Have been wondering about it as well and trying to decide. Do you think a dart could be added on the side front for an FBA???

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  2. Love this top! I keep checking the website to see if an English version has been released. Is the pattern clear enough that if I just figure out the sizes I can print in French and figure out what to do? It seems like super simple sewing.

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    1. It is certainly very simple sewing. The only tricky part is finishing the armholes. I tried to explain them to someone else here in the comments, so that could help. Otherwise you surely be able to find an explanation online!


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