A cropped denim trench, DP Studio’s le 702.

Today’s post features a project that is both practical and extravagant–just the way I like it! It’s the DP Studio Cropped Jacket, made in denim.


DP Studio’s Cropped Jacket pattern was first featured in their mid-winter 2018 collaboration with the French magazine Modes et Travaux. DP’s collection of 13 patterns was impressive and I immediately envisioned sewing them all up. But it’s only now that I’ve actually made one! This pattern, le 702, is also available on DP’s website with a second, longer version.


Sewing my bow skirt encouraged me to give another challenging project a try. This jacket pattern seemed like a great match for the 2 meters of Cone Mills denim I had on hand. I added some contrasting gingham at the inner collar stand.

Without much prior planning, I jumped into this jacket project. I was surprised to learn how simple this pattern was to put together–at least, for a jacket. It is unlined. Seams are instead finished with bias binding.


Since it is cropped, there are no pockets to sew. This might bother some, but it is fine for the manner I intend to wear it. The most technical aspects are sewing the collar and facings.

The jacket’s relaxed shape is vamped up with a large collar and deep pleats at the front and back. I’m especially fond of the interesting pleat details. The only adjustment I made was to shorten the extra long sleeves. To my surprise, I’ve developed a taste for oversized styles, but this doesn’t apply to long sleeves which I find restrictive and clunky to wear.

I sincerely enjoyed sewing this jacket–maybe it was the simple spontaneity of it. I won’t be wearing it before the end of the summer, so there was no quick expectation to wear it. Nevertheless, it came together smoothly and immediately earned it’s own place as a compliment to my other homemade garments.

Now having sewn a few jackets and coats, I’ve become more interested in dedicating more time to outerwear projects. While at first intimidating, they have since become some of the most satisfying (and most worn!) projects. Before summer is out, I hope to start on my fall plans with the Papercut Sapporo coat and the new Vogue 9340 . As my homemade wardrobe grows over the years, moving into outerwear is an exciting development.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying all the variety this cropped jean jacket brings to my homemade closet.


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