Sew Over It Erin Skirt

The Sew Over It Erin skirt, a pattern from the City Break e-booklet, includes some of my favorite simple style designs. It is a straight button front skirt, and for that reason, there are limitless ways to sew and wear it.


Yet, if you’re like me, the simpler projects can some times fall back in the queue. I had this pattern on my list for a while, but now I am wondering why I waited so long.


The fabric, a lilac linen from Blackbird fabrics, actually made the pattern jump up in my project list.

Since I’d long imagined adding this color to my wardrobe, the ideas of how to use it were plentiful: dress, dress, dress. But, I’m already quite happy with the summer dress I’ve made this year. In particular, I’m enjoying my Vogue roses dress, Named Elizabeth linen sundress, and my Simplicity Cynthia Rowley tent dress. Each has it’s own unique place in my wardrobe and for me, part of continuing to enjoy them is appreciating their versatility by wearing them frequently.


Although I imagined the lilac linen as a staple wrap dress and a beautiful bold button front shirtdress, it ultimately became the SOI Erin skirt. Another reason for this was the recognition of late summer’s imminence. While I will be wearing summer dress for a while still, I wanted to get more value out of this particular fabric. So, even though a lilac dress would surely be prized, I realized using this fabric for a skirt would bring a touch of something wonderful to different areas of my wardrobe. Plus, as a skirt, I knew this garment would be more flexible throughout the seasons. I could see it popping out in the dreary days of winter.


As I’ve gained in sewing experience, limiting excess fabric scraps has become important to me. I’m not the type who enjoys patchwork crafting or creating projects (other than as pocketing) from those small less than .5m scraps. Having excess scraps in my deliberately small stash stresses me out for the space they take up and the guilt that accompanies not finding/having the time to do something with them.


Many pattern companies overestimate the fabric requirements. So, I’ve honed in on buying what I need and measuring pattern pieces. For this skirt, I nervously ordered only one meter and thankfully, that was actually all I needed! My version is a size 12-14, modified to a knee length version. However, if I buy fabric without a clear project in mind, I do enjoy using a larger cut of fabric for multiple garments, as Shauni talks about in her Sewing Leftovers post. I have some sewing leftover projects to share soon!


There is nothing too complicated about the pattern. Everything came together smoothly, except I noticed that the outer pocket area tugs at the side seam in a funny way. Unfortunately, I don’t have this photographed. It has happened on other patterns before, so I’ll have to check into it.

Expect to see more SOI Erin skirts, cause there coming! As photos can attest, I’ve already worn this skirt multiple times since making it! This white Kalle shirt blouse paired with the skirt is another dream project come true. I’ve made a series of Kalle shirts which will soon be up on the blog.


One thought on “Sew Over It Erin Skirt

  1. Beautifully made! I love the buttons with this gorgeous lilac linen. Great combo! I’ve nominated you for the “Mystery Blogger Award”. The details are on my blog. No pressure to do it of course but I thought that you deserve the award šŸ˜‰

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