The M6044 in African Wax

My sewing output has slowed down during August–yes, the great sewcation is over and done! But before I returned to a limited sewing schedule, I managed to put together a long promised shirt for my husband.

I enjoy shirtmaking and always have dreams of making my husband wonderful tailored shirts. Unfortunately, it takes a lot for me to get around to sewing one! I purchased this African wax fabric last year in Paris. I’m glad I finally got around to sewing it up because it would be a shame to let such a great print sit on the shelve.

For the pattern, I used a McCalls 6044. I’d previously tried the Theard Theory Fairfield and the Colette Negroni. Out of the three, this McCalls is my preferred pattern. This fit is better for my husband and the pattern seems more convient to work with. Meg’s versions convinced me to give the M6044 a try, and I am not disappointed!


I’ve got another wax and cotton shirting set aside for more button ups. My hope is to try the long sleeve version or a version with the decorative Western yoke. This pattern is one which, to me, seems like it has a lot of versatility.

One thought on “The M6044 in African Wax

  1. I feel like I’m spamming your blog with comments today, ha! But I’m catching up on old posts and the shirt looks great! How does finishing the shoulder seams work without a yoke?


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