SYHOS with Harts Fabric: the Named Tierra wrap skirt and Meagan Nielson Dove blouse

Hey everyone! In case you hadn’t yet had the chance to read my guest blog post over at Harts Fabric for Sew Your Heart Out September, here it is!

What a pleasure it is to be back for this year’s rendition of Sew Your Hart Out September! I’m Jess from Jess Sews Clothes. Today I’m here to share some outfit inspiration!


I love planning and sewing for a new season. So, when Harts asked if I’d join in again this year, I thought I’d get started on my fall garment making. I’m always excited to explore season changes with my sewing, but I also aim to make garments that can be worn throughout the year. Making clothes that pair well with others in my closest is a creative challenge I welcome!


The Telio fabrics I used for this outfit have just the flexibility I look for. I chose to create two transitional pieces: a black linen top made with a Megan Nielson Dove blouse pattern and a jersey skirt made with Named Clothing’s Tierra Wrap skirt pattern. I had long been curious about both patterns and each helped me create this cozy monochrome look.


I started with the Named Tierra wrap skirt. I made my usual size, a 42. As the skirt style is a wrap design made in a jersey knit fabric, there was no need to worry much about fit adjustments. But since Named Patterns are always a little long on me, I shortened the skirt by a few inches.


The pattern suggests lining the skirt, which provides a nice neat finish. The lining also allows the wrap style to shine design wise. Instead of using the same white check jersey for both the main fabric and for the lining, I used a second Telio jersey in black. Now that I have totally reversible skirt, I feel like I have two garments instead of one!

img_1873I can wear the white check on the outside with a little black peeking through, or switch sides for a mostly black skirt. Just imagine the options!


For the top, I wanted to make something that would complement the slinky, drape of the jersey. At the same time, I also wanted to introduce some contrasting texture into the monochrome style. I decided on one of Telio’s midweight linens in black. This fabric has a nice shine to it and I think its texture adds depth to the outfit.


Megan Nielson’s Dove blouse, a v-neck with three sleeve options (one straight elbow length, one long flared sleeve, and one very ample bell sleeve), was the simple, elegant touch to bring my ideas together. You might not believe it but I chose the medium flared sleeve style! While I do love exaggerated details in clothing, I decided the medium flare style would help me achieve the silhouette I was looking for by bringing balance to the top-skirt combo.


The Dove blouse took a bit more time to make than the Tierra skirt. I like to muslin woven tops to check for fit adjustments. Here, I graded between M/L sizes. I added a little space to accommodate my broad upper back.


Finally, I made most of my adjustments to the sleeve cap. I added more space in the front back sleeve cap and dropped the underarm seam for more mobility.


Together, these two pieces will help me ease into the new fall weather. Jersey has always been one of my cooler weather favorites. Linen, too, has recently become a fabric I like to wear year-round. I hope you enjoy the look and happy Sew Your Hart Out September!!



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