Quick, needy sews: a ruffled turtleneck.

The weeks leading up to my move to England were filled with preparations and apprehension. Of course, moving to a new place, let alone a new country, is not a task to be taken lightly, and I’m sure you can imagine many of the normal feelings moving triggers. But in my case, I wasn’t heading to England with boxes of my things, or even with my family. It was just me and a what I could carry–an odd situation, indeed, that comes with the nature of my work.


Among the things I could not carry was my sewing machine. So, these anxious weeks leading up to my continental switch included sewing dread. My sewing dread, that creative fear that my ideas might bust before they make it outside of my brain, was palpable. I had little knowledge of what my living space would be like in England, and little knowledge on if, when, or how I would sew.


Coming off of my precious summer sewcation, I was in good sewing shape. Inspired and able, I wanted to continue without an imminent inevitable pause.

So, I felt that crunch. That needy sensation of having to make something *immediately* before I emerged from my recluse summer. Yet, many familiar challenges were present. I wasn’t short on will or material, just time.


Plus, since a seasonal change was lingering, the prick of transition was even sharper. It was hot in Montreal, but I needed something that would bring me warmth when I would be away from my loved ones and my machine.


Enter the ruffled turtleneck, a DP Studio pattern from their special edition collaboration with Modes et Travaux. This special edition was a real hit when it came out last winter. I’ve already sewn one of the patterns–the cropped trench jacket–and I am currently wearing it everyday.


Sewing this ruffle top spanned the course of a slow afternoon. The pattern is simple, sewn with a serger, and is probably as quick as it gets with a brand like DP.  Nevertheless, asymmetry is my weakness. I easily get mixed up when I have to cut out a direction-sensitive piece, like the ruffles are here. You can be sure it took me more than one try to figure out which “up” was face up.

Setting aside my previous comments on how this top was made in the name of all sorts of comfort, the story of its construction was a familiar one–trace, cut, sew, wear. And wear. And wear, and wear. For the fabric, I used a springy, speckled jersey with just the right amount of stretch and coziness. Do I need to mention how much I love this top? I’m not sure I do. Somethings are far too obvious!


A bit of a happy ending comes with this sewing chronicle. Between creating this top and writing this blog post, I have found the answers to my previous sewing concerns. After setting down my suitcase in a new-to-me space, I quickly picked up a new machine–a Janome Sewist 725S. But, that is a chapter currently in the works.


3 thoughts on “Quick, needy sews: a ruffled turtleneck.

  1. Ah, you moved to England! How exciting! You will never not want cute sweaters! I had a rocky move there myself about 6 years ago – perfectly miserable for about 8 months, and then love. I’ve since returned home to Boston and now I’m homesick for England! ❤

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