Named Clothing Asaka Kimono in Wine Viscose Linen Noil for Sewn with Hart!

Winter was looming when Hart’s Fabric asked me to join their February rendition of Sewn With Hart. At the time, I was caught up in the holiday haze. This collaboration, however, gave me the opportunity to look forward to February, to what I expected to be a less excited moment, and to ask myself, how would you like to feel by mid-winter? What would you like to make, sew, and wear?


Of course, the sewing project merry-go-round in my mind is always turning. I never lack project inspiration, ambition, or curiosity, but when thinking ahead to February, what I wanted to create for myself was comfort.


This project was all about softness—from the design, to the fabric and color choice, to the making and wearing. It was a reminder that, sometimes, I can just sew because it feels nice to create something beautiful.

The Named Clothing Asaka kimono is one I’ve made a few times before—my first version is even one of the few projects from my early sewing days that is still with me. So, the chance to revisit this beloved design was welcomed! I knew I could feel confident and patient while making it. I also knew that, given the pattern’s relative simplicity, I could spend some energy on the finishing techniques by using some fancy bias binding on the sleeves and French seams throughout the garment.


If the pattern may have been something of a staple for me, the Viscose Linen Noil was a real treat. I’d seen this type of fabric being used in lots of different ways, and wondered, how do I make this work for my style? Well, by making a kimono! I chose the Wine colorway simply because I *love* this color. Sure, it’s a color I might use often, but that’s also why I was so fond of the idea of using it for a garment that, to be honest, will get daily wear!


And as I learned, by pairing this Viscose Linen Noil with one of my TNT patterns, I’ve become extra eager to use it again in a different colorway.


The outcome is so simple, yet also so bold and elegant, that I’d gladly fill my closet with numerous Viscose Linen interpretations of this dressing gown!

sewn with hart logo

This fabric was sponsored by Hart’s Fabric.


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